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LOGO DESIGN SERVICES: creates high quality logo designs for companies and organizations of all sizes from small start-ups to major corporations. See examples of the logos our designers have been involved in creating. Not sure you'd know a good logo when you see one? Find out what makes a great logo. offers to help brand your company or organization image:

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...what makes a great logo?

Would you know a great logo if you saw one? What qualities make a logo great? How can you tell if a logo is truly effective or not? A great logo makes a company memorable. It accurately conveys the company's identity. A great logo will be attractive but will also have a functional purpose as a business too. A great logo is more than art.

The making of a great logo requires both the natural talent of our exceptional designers and an understanding of a logo's business functions. Meet our designers and see why our team of professionals is qualified to accomplish this task.

A great logo should:

Distinguish your company from your competition
Don't try to emulate another company. Be your own brand. Less than a decade after Coca-Cola was born, Pepsi quickly became successful by setting themselves apart rather than trying to emulate the leaders.

Use meaningful colors
Different colors and shades can have different effects on people because of color association. Green is associated with the environment and is an appropriate logo for a companies that deal with landscape, the environment, outdoor, etc.... However, green is also associated with motion sickness so would be a poor choice for the interior of a car.

Use an appropriate font
You may generally gravitate to bold, exciting fonts, or feminine curvy fonts but if you are a ballet company, you should probably avoid harsh, clunky lettering, and if you are a football team, you should probably avoid graceful, delicate lettering, even if it's more attractive to you.

Be simple
Your logo can have some elaborate features but it should be simple enough to make a quick statement.

Be memorable
Your logo should make a statement about your company. The next time a customer needs your kind of business, he'll choose you just because of brand recognition.

Avoid distracting elements
Your logo does not need, LLC, Inc, and other details. That type of detail can be saved for documentation about your company. The next time you are driving past businesses, take a look at the logos around you and see how other successful logos are handled.

Avoid taglines if possible
Taglines can be an important part of a company's image but should be separate from a logo. The size of the text in a tagline is so much smaller that it often forces the logo to be bigger in order to accommodate the text.

See some of the projects we've done for our clients and how we turned a mediocre logo into an exceptional logo for those customers. Or, see our great logos by visiting our gallery, where we showcase our designers logos. is also able to turn out quality designs that hit the mark because of our unique business model that removes many of the problems of traditional logo design. You'll get a great logo by working with

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100% of all proceeds from logo design work go to support - the official Chaldean community website, a not-for-profit corporation with the mission of sharing worthy information about the global Chaldean community.