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CoEd Dorm Rooms at University of Chicago Cause Stir
By CE&CC :: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 :: 129550 Views :: Article Rating :: Living & Lifestyle, Career & Education, Government & Society

Illinois, USA – The University of Chicago joins a handful of other colleges in their effort to create a cohabitation campus.  The college will now allow a male student to sleep in the same room with an unrelated female student.

Amy Batuo says the school has essentially become a whore house and is considering transferring.  “I am not going to pay them to help students hook-up. There is going to be so many reputations and lives ruined.  They have gone way into left field on this one.”

This is not the first time the school has sent shock waves for its stance on sexual promiscuity and promotion.  The campus Student Health and Wellness Fee, which all registered students pay, covers regular contraceptive items like condoms and lubricants.   All are available at its Student Care Center including what the center calls "Emergency contraception.” 

Janet Nafsu calls sexual promiscuity a form of sexual exploitation. “The unsaid message is, ‘I don't think you're worth marrying but I'll use you for sex.’ Propositioning someone for such sex used to be practically an insult.”

Nafsu adds that the schools can choose to send a strong message to students that discourage out-of-wedlock sex. “That message in its over-simplified, short form could be, ‘Don't let people selfishly use you for sex. Let's have a warm world built around loving marriages, not a colder world built on sexual exploitation.’”

Mike Attek does not see anything wrong with the co-ed option.  “If the girl wants to be in a room with other guys, that is on her.  She is in college and if she isn’t smart enough to handle herself or her business she gets what she deserves.”

Batou says this is no accident.  “We know many colleges are dominated by liberals who have no problem discriminating against other ideas and speakers. And we know liberalism is all about sexual license (amongst other licenses).   Schools can choose to send a wink-wink, if-it-feels-good-do-it message by giving contraceptives to unmarried students and allowing co-ed dorm rooms. Too many colleges have chosen to become enablers of pre-marital sex.  Just think of all the rape & sexual harassment allegations that will happen.”

Students on the campus were surprised and felt the move by the college was irresponsible.  Many sighted the conflicts that could arise from roommate misunderstandings and the huge risk to their potential careers or professional reputations. 
When challenged by the concern university officials claim program of allowing male and female students to sleep in the same room was a student led effort.  The university claims the rooms are not intended for romantic couples, but the university won't ask students why they want to live together.

Most parents and students are concerned that the state funded school is taking liberties with a social experiment that have far reaching repercussions.  An experiment that they don’t feel is a wise investment of their money.  Others feel that the students are of legal age and can live in apartments and students should have the same rights in a dorm, even though a dorm is more closely related to sharing a bedroom.  

Most believe the close proximity of two different sexes, raging hormones, lack of experience and maturity, and the reckless campus lifestyle of a college is a bomb waiting to go off.   The explosive aftermath is sure to bring campus officials back to their senses, although a number of lives might be destroyed in the process.