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Obama on Iraq and Media Cover-ups Leading to Lots of Mistrust
By Sam Yousif :: Monday, October 20, 2008 :: 38283 Views :: Article Rating :: Government & Society


Michigan, USA - Presidential hopeful John McCain is fast gaining momentum as more voters discover Obama's recipe for America.  Obama was caught off-guard by a middle class plumber who helped reveal the disaster of Obama's tax plan, something the McCain campaign team says the media blackout is keeping them from doing.  "It took 'Joe the Plumber' to show that Obama can't be trusted," says Iman Nalou, of Farmington Hills, Michigan. "I have many neighbors who were going to vote for Obama, and after hearing what he is really about, they all changed their minds."

Obama is worried as more of the truth emerges.  He never wants to tell you the whole story, and the lies have Obama's campaign on the ropes as political pundits dig deeper into Obama's policies and find quite a bit of flip-flopping and hypocrisy.  From promising to take public financing to the election to his stance on Iraq, Obama is losing ground on the trust factor. 

For Issam Hanou of Novi, MI, Obama lost his vote a long time ago.  "He lies and can't be trusted.  How could you believe anything he says he is going to do when he lies?  You can't trust him.  He will promise you anything and give you some excuse why he breaks his promise."  Hanou is really upset over Obama's Iraqi flip-flops.  Hanou says a youtube video that his son showed him was really frustrating.  Hanou's son Gino, a college student at Ohio State has long distrusted Obama.  "I liked what he had to say early in his campaign about ending the Iraqi war, but he kept saying different things.  I finally took the time to do some searching and what I found out was how much of a liar he really is."

The harsh words are not only directed at Obama.  The mainstream media catches most of the blame for failing to research or investigate Obama's real stance on the issues.  "I know more about 'Joe the Plumber' than I know about Obama," says Nalou. "I heard they had vans parked outside this poor guy's home.  I never heard once about TV vans or newspapers camping out in front of Obama’s friends like Reverend Wright, Refko, Raines, and Ayers, the one who has tried to hurt Americans by blowing up the capital.”

The media has less than a 12% confidence rating, writes Truth in Media.  “Liberal journalists coloring the truth and omitting important evidence has defanged the once powerful watchdog role media has played,” their website says. 

GE, owner of NBC television, has watched their stock plummet as the station takes a bashing by the public for its obvious Obama favoritism.  NBC Universal plans to cut $500 million in spending. 

NBC President and CEO Jeff Zucker announced the cuts Friday in a staff memo. The half billion dollar reduction would equal 3 percent of the company's entire budget.

NBC Universal is upset over the leaked memo and has attempted to sweep the depressing information under the rug.

The one sided reporting of the news has bolstered other media as more people turn away from traditional television and newspapers to the internet and radio.  

According to the Project for Excellence in Journalism, since June 9, when Mr. Obama edged enough votes for the nomination, the project took a weekly look at 300 political stories in newspapers, magazines and television. Obama was highly favored in writing and imagery in 77% of the stories, favorable in 19%, 2% neutral, and 2% unfavorable.  Each of the stories were presented as newsworthy and considered mainstream, but each story (except for the 2% neutral ones) would fail journalistic integrity tests. 

Tom Rosen, the project's director. "No matter how understandable it is, given the newness of the candidate and the historical nature of Obama's candidacy," he told the Associated Press, "in the end it's probably not fair to McCain."

Both Nalou and Hanou feel the media has lost more credibility than Obama.  Hanou says, “What makes America great is that we used to have someone who watches the government and makes sure they serve the people fairly.  Now we have no one.  You can not trust the media and they are trying to become king makers on the back of the people.  Lot’s of stupid people will fall for the lies, Obama's political ads., and commercials.”