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U.S. House Speaker Pelosi Causes Firestrom Among Catholics
By Rita Abro :: Monday, August 25, 2008 :: 41214 Views :: Article Rating :: Government & Society

[This article contains graphic videos.  Do not read this article if you can not handle mature images.]

California, USA –  Her comments will be on the mouths of Catholic clergy, catechist teachers, and around the holy water coolers.  “The recent presidential debate shined a bright light on Obama’s 100% support by NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the right to kill babies groups,” says Jessica Isho, a Chaldean California Pro-Life member.  “Democrats say science trumps everything, right?  Every scientist tells you life begins at conception.  Obama is the worst of politicians with no principals.  What does he care, I bet to him the misguided mothers are killing Christian babies, that is why he doesn’t care.”    

Coming to Obama’s defense was the U.S. House Speaker who many say stupidly threw fuel on the fire.  The Speaker was challenged over Obama’s inability to determine when life begins during an NBC “Meet the Press” TV show.  U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said like Obama, the church has been unable to determine when life begins.  The comments have causes a firestorm among Catholics, Chaldeans, and other Christians. 

Yesterday and today received over 62 e-mails from Chaldeans regarding Pelosi’s comments.  Chaldeans are shocked at what she said.  “Pelosi purposely tries to confuse the issue and moral importance of abortion,” wrote Jenna Jajo.  “She is blatantly wrong that the church has been unable to define when life begins.  She is a despicable fraud and an insult to the state of California.  She is no Catholic. Anyone who supports abortion is not a Catholic.” 

During the interview Tom Brokaw told her that the Catholic Church "feels very strongly" that life begins at conception, Pelosi said, "I understand. And this is like maybe 50 years or something like that. So again, over the history of the Church, this is an issue of controversy."

The interview is posted below for our reader’s convenience.   

Jajo’s feelings are far from being the minority of Chaldean comments received via e-mail.  “The Democrat party is an immoral party,” wrote Bashar Kuzia.  Andrew Polus wrote, “Give me a break.  Did you guys catch what this witch said about our church?  She has Alzheimer’s or something.  Life begins at conception.  We are taught that on day one in church.  What church does this wolf go to?”   Casandra Hiedo, in her e-mail quotes the House Speaker, “Ardent, practicing Catholic that has studied the issue for a long time and believes that the church has been unable to define when life begins is a crock.  This woman and her sort allow evil to exist.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows: 

"Here is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: 'Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.' It also says, 'Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.' Looks like Pelosi didn't study the subject long enough. But not to worry: We are sending her a copy of Catholicism for Dummies today (the Catechism is like maybe a bit advanced).

"Whether Joe Biden is as ignorant of what his religion teaches remains to be seen. What is not in doubt is the enthusiasm which NARAL showed when he was selected to join the ticket. The radical pro-abortion group was delighted, as were the radical pro-abortion delegates to the Democratic convention: as reported in today's New York Times, 64 percent of Americans reject abortion-on-demand, yet only 23 percent of the delegates do. It is only fitting, then, that NARAL's president will speak today at the Convention and Planned Parenthood's president will speak tomorrow.

This is not the fist time the claim of Obama’s callous position on abortion has risen.  During his run for senate, former Presidential hopeful Allen Keys chastised Obama for going further than his own party on abortion. Ambassador Keys said Obama is for infanticide; the killing unwanted babies even after they have been born.

Catholics are overwhelmingly switching parties to the Republican side over issues like abortion, gay marriage, and school choice.   “Republicans have always been the leaders in civil rights.  Anyone who has studied political history will tell you that it was the Republicans that ended slavery, Republicans that protected civil rights in the 60’s, and have created the most opportunities for minorities to be independent and free from government control,” says Talal Shaba. 

He continues, “Once more republicans are leading the charge on protecting the most vulnerable.  They are fighting to give back control of how their kids are educated to parents.  They are defending civil rights as equal opportunity and not special perks for a special class based; especially a class based on sexual behavior.  That is why republicans are against affirmative action.  The principal of special interest hand-outs is rooted in hypocrisy.”

Gina Rafou wrote, "I never really looked deeply into the abortion issue.  I wanted to  support the Democrats over the war.  I had to be honest to myself and study the issue.  So I did.  After hours reading about the abortion debate, the only smart thing to do is switch to the Republican side.  These two videos really opened my eyes."

[The videos Rafou sited in her e-mail are on abortion.  She included the links in her e-mail.  The editing board debated including the links, but the compelling e-mail by Rafou made clear that our role at is to be accurate in reporting and provide the truth on issue.  The below videos contains graphic videos.  Do not watch these videos if you not handle a mature topic as Abortion.]




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