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Chaldean Self-Defense Training Now Being Offered
By CE&CC :: Saturday, December 29, 2007 :: 165901 Views :: Article Rating :: Living & Lifestyle, Career & Education, Law & Order, Community & Culture, Chaldean Education & Career Center

Michigan, USA - Many Chaldeans are often forced to work in dangerous neighborhoods and high crime areas.  Some feel the local city police apathetic concern for Chaldean businesses bolsters the criminal to act.    Although Chaldeans have taken wise precautions to reduce the threat of attack and robbery, Chaldeans remain victims.  With bullet proof glass, immediate armed robbery alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and armed security guards or employees Chaldeans remain at risk. 

Working to address these challenges the Chaldean Education and Career Center is working with other Chaldean organizations to help address these growing concerns.  Groups like the Chaldean Justice League, Chaldean American Bar Association, Chaldean Caucus, and the Chaldean Federation of America are consistently looking for ways to help reduce attacks against Chaldeans and their property. 

In that spirit, the Chaldean Education and Career Center is organizing a series of Advanced Small Arms Self-Defense Training near Camp Chaldean.  The CE&CC along with the Livingston Gun Club and Live Safe Academy will be holding a three Self-Defense training session. 

The advanced gun training workshops will be held on Saturday, February 16, 23, and March 15 beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending around 6 p.m. in the evening.  The three sessions will consist of Sharp Weapon Use, Target Focused Shooting, and Unarmed Combat training respectfully.       

Chaldeans wishing to participate must be either a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holder, 
Law Enforcement Officer or Military Personnel and complete the necessary registration forms and liability waivers. 

The Sharp Weapons training session being held on Saturday, 2-16-08 will present a no-nonsense, "real world" solutions to violent, life or death altercations.  This performance-based class is designed to develop life-saving skill with minimal training.  The skills taught are time-tested, relevant and easy to learn and retain under stress.  You will learn how to properly carry, conceal and rapidly deploy folding knives, pen, stylist and other common sharp weapons.  Topics will also include weapon selection, principles of sharp trauma and statistical considerations regarding the use of sharp weapons.
The Target Focused Shooting - Force-On-Force being held on Saturday, 2-23-08 is a workshop that will teach Chaldeans how to shoot effectively under realistic conditions. Most assaults are spontaneous, high stress, low light, close range and quick. The statistical norm is to be attacked by one to three assailants, multiple assailants being the rule not the exception. The majority of gunfights begin within 5 feet after an altercation that begins within 2 feet. Almost all gunfights are within 10'. Under these circumstances, you need combat proven methods that are based on physiological and psychological responses to survival stress, gross motor movements, natural / common motor skills and real world conditions like rapid movement.
In addition to the skill development inherent to all firearm-training programs, this program will incorporate interactive, man-on-man shooting exercises using protective gear and Gas-Blowback Airsoft training guns. You will also have an opportunity to participate in combat simulations, allowing you to test your skill and judgment against interactive assailants under realistic conditions.
The Unarmed Combat training session on Saturday, 3-15-08 will cover close unarmed attacks.   Most assaults are sudden and unexpected. The statistical reality is that even when armed, we may not be able access our gun in time to respond to a threat. Combine that with the facts that even those who are authorize to carry a gun often don't, that the law prohibits being armed in some areas, and that many assaults don't justify the use of lethal force and it becomes obvious that effective unarmed combat skills are needed.  The skills taught are realistic and easy to learn and retain.
Chaldeans don't have to spend years training in an expensive program to defend themselves. This no-nonsense, performance-based course will teach "real world" methods for everyday people.

The training sessions will be provided by Live Safe Academy (LSA).  Live Safe Academy is an approved Criminal Justice Training Provider by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcements Standards.  LSA is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, National Rifle Association Business Alliance and the Great Lakes Self-Defense Association Instructor Alliance Program.  LSA staff consists of law enforcement officers, attorneys, military personnel, registered nurses, and professional educators and trainers.  All of the LSA instructors are certified through nationally recognized organizations. 

The instructor for the advanced sessions is Ian Kinder.  Kinder has actively studied the use of force since 1988, training throughout the USA and in Okinawa, Japan. He has been an instructor since 1990.   Kinder is a certified trainer in all aspects of personal combat.  He has trained thousands of individuals, young and old, male and female, and those with special needs, from the military, law enforcement and public in violence and crime prevention, the use of force, firearm safety and first aid.

The Advanced Small Arms Self-Defense Training will be held at the Livingston Gun Club in Brighton, Michigan (Livingston County, not too far from Camp Chaldean).  Registration for the event is required along with a fee of $300 for the three days of training.  Chaldeans who only wish to attend one or two of the training days can pay individually for each training session at cost of $125.

To register please e-mail the Chaldean Education and Career Center at for forms and payment options.  Registration will require a completed pre-registration form, a signed release and hold harmless agreement, a copy of valid concealed pistol license or police / military identification. 
To learn more about the Chaldean Education and Career Center please visit us on this website under the community pages section.