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National Family Volunteer Week Gets Chaldeans More Involved
By Huda Metti :: Monday, November 19, 2007 :: 36576 Views :: Article Rating :: Government & Society

California, USA - November 20th is National Family Volunteer Day. What better time to teach Chaldean children about charity and volunteering? Here are some ideas to put the whole family in the charitable spirit.

Adopt a Grandparent' and visit a local retirement home. The Chaldean community has a long and important tradition of respecting and caring for elders.  Chaldeans in California often visit The Good Samaritan Retirement Center and Chaldean in Michigan visit the Chaldean Manor Senior Home.  Both centers provide plenty of opportunities for Chaldeans to share their time and comfort others.  Toddlers can come along to provide company and lots of hugs. Chaldean children can visit with residents and put on plays or skits, bring small crafts, or simply visit and reminisce. 

The Chaldean American Ladies of Charity in Michigan have a well organized calendar of senior assistance.  Families can contact the Ladies of Charity and assist their efforts in hosting senior games, dinners, and sing-along sessions. 

Chaldean churches are always hosting various activities to assist those less fortunate than us.  Chaldean churches are bursting with ways Chaldeans can volunteer their time and talent to help others.  Every Chaldean church across the globe is hosting clothing, food, and toy drives.

The Chaldean Federation of America in both California and Michigan is in need of weekend data processors to help adopted refugee families. 

The possibilities of getting involved and helping others in the Chaldean community is limitless.