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Sour Milk Campaign in California Begins
By Huda Metti :: Friday, September 26, 2008 :: 87419 Views :: Community & Culture, Government & Society

California, USA – “The entire Milk Day movement is based on fallacies, is offensive, and every Chaldean around the world should contact Governor Schwarzenegger and tell him to veto this bill.  Again, they are attempting to shove immorality down our throats,” declares Jonathan Shayota.

Gina Ateek agrees that, “AB 2567 needs to be vetoed.”  The California bill is now awaiting Governor Schwarzenegger’s signature that would designate May 22nd a day to celebrate homosexuality.  “Unless the governor receives 1 million phone calls requesting the bill be vetoed,” says Ateek.  “Everyone with a phone should call 1-916-445-2841, then press 1,2,1,2 to record a no vote for this bill.” 

The outspoken Shayota, says he is tired of the media and weak politicians afraid to stand-up for what is right and cower to the demands of the minuscule homosexual community. 

“In this country it is all about how you behave.  Gay behavior is not a victimless crime.  Everyone pays for their acts in increased health care costs and the destruction of marriage which leads to all kinds of social issues that impacts us all.  Why should I have to pay for the sexual proclivities and destructive behavior of others?  What they do in the privacy of their home should stay in their home, why am I being forced to celebrate it and call it normal when it is not!” 

California pro-homosexual supporter Ira Davidson riles Shayota by saying, “Chaldeans don’t understand and don’t matter.  The bill has already won approval from the California Senate, Schwarzenegger won’t dare veto the bill.  It is going to pass and May 22nd will be celebrated in every school just like Martin Luther King.  Every Chaldean will be taught that being gay is okay and I hope they experiment.”

Shayota fires back, “Proof that you have to manipulate and coerce people into accepting something so unnatural, immoral, and abnormal.” Watching the group argue one would never guess they were all friends. 

“What Ira supports hurts us all,” adds Ateek.  “Ira has been brainwashed by the media, entertainment, and the bandwagon riders.  This is not a civil rights issue and should not be celebrated.  It is a matter of deviant behavior that effect us all.” 

“If it is abnormal why does the American Psychiatry Association accept it Gina?”  says Davidson.  Shayota fires back, “the 1973 decision to remove homosexuality from the psychiatric manual was politically motivated Ira.  You know that.  The same strong-arm tactics used back then, are being used now.  I showed you the NARTH information and you could not argue against any of the evidence.”  Davidson then responds, “Why can’t they have a choice like everyone else.”

Shayota is referring to the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuals (www.narth.com) which helps willing homosexuals return to a heterosexual lifestyle.  

The two continue their debate.  Ateek says that all behavior is interconnected.  “It is so hypocritical for these groups to say they don’t impact others.  They use the same fallacy logic to support suicide, prostitution,  abortion, or pornography.  All these issues cost us.  Our cost of living in America goes through the roof.   These type of behaviors are the root of so many problems, and they all hurt us as a nation.  They hijack issues like civil rights and confuse people by using emotional pleas like choice, suffering, and freedom,” says Gina Ateek. 

“Schools don't give us a choice as to where we can send our kids.  I am tired of having to pay for others who make poor decisions.  Look how much these so called victimless crimes cost us all in taxes and crime.  It has gotten so out of control you have a presidential candidate saying sex education should be taught in kindergarten.  They want us to celebrate their gay behavior, and then want impressionable young kids to learn about how to do it, and then make us pay to clean-up and take care of the fallout problems.”

Although Davidson is outnumbered in his opinion he remains unmoved by the arguments.  “I plan on calling the same number except I will be voting yes for the bill.  “If it makes you happy to be gay, why not.  What is wrong with sharing your happiness with everyone?  Anything that makes you happy is good in my book.”  

Ateek laughs, “Ira, I work at a cell phone store.  I plan on making twenty calls to your one call.”