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Chaldeans Strongly Band Togther to Boycott Miller Brewing
By Rita Abro :: Monday, October 15, 2007 :: 118138 Views :: Community & Culture, Business & Finance, Government & Society
Michigan, USA - Chaldeans are outraged at the deliberate attack on Christians by San Francisco and the Homosexual Fair organizers.  “This is a group that behaves appallingly and if anyone objects to their criminal behavior they call you intolerant and try to charge you for a hate crime,” says Brian Thomas about the fair.  “These hypocrites mock and attack Christians with such violence and hate and yet no one in San Francisco cares to uphold the law.  The fraudulent leaders of San Francisco have no values, no principals, and no idea of how harmful they are to the United States.” 

Miller brewing company has come under immense pressure once the Catholic League exposed Miller’s support on the attack and hatred of Christians.  The Catholic group called for a boycott of the Miller Brewing Co. after the beer giant failed to have its logo removed from a "gay"-festival promo mocking the iconic Last Supper scene of Jesus Christ and his disciples.

For Mike and Rita Setto, owners of Orion Keg and Wine Party Store, the constant attack on the Christian faith and family values from the media and support by corporations has gone much too far.  In what seems to be a reenactment of David versus Goliath the small business owners were the first to toss Miller out of their establishment.  The bold move has earned the faithful family thousands of calls, coverage by top news agencies, requests to be interviewed on radio and television, and visits from out-of-state customers congratulating the faithful duo for taking a stand.

Mike and Rita took action after watching the incident covered on the Fox News channel late one night.  “I turned to my husband and we were shocked over the story,” said Rita Setto.  “We were really upset and could not sleep.  A few days later my sister-in-law calls and tells us to watch Bill Donahue on the Catholic Channel giving the details.  What we saw and what Miller supported upset us very much.  My husband and I decided we would no longer sell Miller in our business until they stop.”

The couple didn’t think that was enough.  They decided to call their local church about the issue.  “We spoke with the senior pastor of our church and he was unaware of the issue.  I don’t blame him.  None of the mainstream media covered the story as if they wanted to cover it up.  The Pastor said he would do some research.” 

The following Sunday the Chaldean church announced support of the boycott against Miller.  The weekend radio coverage gave the community full details about the boycott and how they could help send a clear message to Miller that this sort of hatred is harmful to America and their corporate profits. 

The frustration stems from fair organizers attacking the Catholic Church by desecrating the Eucharist, mocking Christian practices, and deriding the Last Supper of Jesus.  “They did this purposefully to hurt others.  They are intolerant and blinded by their arrogance and narcissism to see the faults of their behaviors,” Thomas snaps.  “Even worse is Miller brewing company support of such hate.”

Detroit’s City Corner Shoppe owner Frank Farida also joined the boycott.  “I am proud that other Chaldeans are taking a stand.  Anyone who sells Miller is selling out Jesus.  They care more for money than they do about their family and all that their faith has done in helping to keep Chaldeans safe.”

Metro Parkway Beer and Liquor owner Jason Kizy tossed out Miller as well. “This is sick.  Miller wants to be known as the hate Jesus beer.  Well, I will be known as the Hate Miller beer.  They can sell their poison somewhere else.”

Cool Mug Liquor Shop placed a big sign on their front door stating they support the Miller boycott and will not sell Miller beer in their stores. 

Down river’s Castle Liquor owner Andy Jajoo removed all Miller beer, signs, and mirrors from his store.  The frustrated store owner was furious with Miller.  “I tossed every one of their mirrors in the dumpster.  Irresponsible companies don’t deserve to be in business.  If I put up an advertisement of a sex toy in Martin Luthor King’s hand as he marched for civil rights how long do you think I would be in business.  My store would be burnt to the ground.  They drew a cartoon of the Muslim warlord with a bomb as a hat and the entire Muslim country went into shock.  I guess you can hate and bully Christians because they are non-violent. 

Christians are taking a stand says Mike Setto.  “I have received calls from Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Texas, and the Lake Orion community has been extremely supportive.  We get visits from our customers shaking our hands, thanking us, and cheering us on for taking a stand.”

Setto has received invitations to be interviewed on Fox and Friends, WWJ, and has received hundreds of calls from newspapers.  Setto says everyone is just tired of the attacks on Christians in the media, by corporations, and groups pushing their propaganda. 

The San Francisco Fair touts itself as the "crowning finale" of Homosexual Pride Week festivities. It's not something you'd bring the children to, although in San Francisco those standards don't necessarily apply. Media accounts showed that in some cases whole families attended — with the toddlers dressed in dog collars were present.

It is the kind of raunchy event that gives that city its reputation for decadence. But what really offended was the promotional poster for the fair. Seated at and standing behind a long table, Last Supper-style, are a set of men and women in various stages of leather dress/undress, including a man wearing a black dog mask. Sex toys, including a big red fist, are strewn across the table. As a spokesman for Concerned Women explained, "The bread and wine representing Christ's broken body and life-giving blood are replaced with sadomasochistic sex toys in this twisted version of Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper.'"


Prominently on display in the left-hand corner of the ad — the Miller Lite sponsorship logo.   Giving the fair nearly $100,000 Miller is fast learning that the investment might just be there downfall.  Miller Brewing would like consumers to think of it as a wholesome, all-American product. Instead, they're in danger of becoming the Honk If You Hate Jesus beer.

Miller Lite was the only national advertiser underneath this Christ-mocking image. When pressed by the Catholic League and other offended groups, Miller spokesman Julian Green gave the standard — which is to say, slippery — corporate answer. "While Miller has supported the Folsom Street Fair for several years," a nod to the gay community, "we take exception to the poster the organizing committee developed this year." If you think that was weak, try the next sentence: "We understand some individuals may find the imagery offensive."

Some individuals? There are over 225 million Christians in the United States. May be offended? It is a poster designed to insult them by blaspheming Jesus Christ.

And after putting out that Pablum, Miller still refused to remove its Lite or Genuine Draft logos from adorning the event or the event's promotional Website.

Then the Catholic League noticed that the Miller-funded event would also mock the Last Supper through the "queer nun" group the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which would also receive funds from the event. On their Website, the nun-mockers promised: "No gastric craving will go unsatisfied, no bag of silver will go unspent, and no sin will go unforgiven. ... Don't be a Judas! Come, eat, drink and be Mary! Be sure to mention The Last Supper With The Sisters when you make your reservation."

Chaldean Church spokesperson for social justice says that, “Miller announced it was conducting an immediate full-scale audit of its marketing and promotional procedures, which sounds like the company is being responsive, except again there was a dodge. The last line in this message underlined its lack of a moral spine: ‘It is important to understand that the Folsom Street Fair does not target the general public in its communications. The fair itself and the organization's Website are only intended for the adult alternative lifestyle community.’

Translation: We market to Christians in the mass media. We also apply our logo to ads trashing those same Christians in our niche marketing to the "alternative lifestyle community." Anything for a buck.

The Miller Brewing Co. has a ‘Distributor Agreement,’ which reads in part, "Distributor shall preserve and enhance the high quality image, reputation and goodwill of Miller and its products through (i) the appearance and attitude of Distributor personnel." What do you suppose would be the corporate response if one of its drivers got into a truck cross-dressed as a Catholic nun? Or strolled into the company lunchroom and proceeded to dump on the table an assortment of X-rated sex toys?”

The social justice group was able to uncover that in 2005, a Miller worker in Wisconsin was fired when he was photographed in the newspaper drinking a Budweiser.  “Now that, that was intolerable,” says the Chaldean group leader.

At Our Lady of Chaldeans Cathedral in Southfield Michigan, fliers were being handed out to all parishioners asking them to boycott Miller.  The cathedral sent e-mails to thousands of parishioners in support of the boycott against Miller and to encourage others to join the effort.  The Chaldean Cathedral also pronounced the boycott during community announcement section of Mass. 

Chaldeans were also infuriated over the violence perpetrated by fair goers.  Days after downtown San Francisco was flooded with open nudity, public acts of sex, anti-Christian hatred, and other activities related to the San Francisco homosexual sex fair members of the fair decided to violate a Catholic Mass.  Two men dressed to mock nuns concealed themselves and entered the church in offensive disguises.  They entered the communion line and stole the Eucharist from the serving bishop. 

Americans for Truth chief Peter LaBarbera explained that the "Sisters" are men who dress up in outlandish outfits and white make-up to mock Catholic nuns. They adopt sexualized names including "Sister Porn Again" and their motto is "Go forth and sin some more."  LaBarbera reported at this year's event one, "novice" was "Sister Bambi Dextrous" who wore a T-shirt with the slogan "Bottom for Jesus" referring to the act of homosexual sodomy.

To Catholics the Communion is the body and blood of Jesus Christ and is only offered to those in Communion with the church.  The Church sets out specific guidelines regarding how Catholics are to receive the Lord’s body and blood in Communion. To receive Communion worthily, Christians must be in a state of grace, have made a good confession since their last mortal sin, believe in transubstantiation, observe the Eucharistic fast, be in compliance with the church and, finally, not be under an ecclesiastical censure such as excommunication.

Miller Brewing Company has no plans to discontinue sponsoring LGBT-related events, according to Julian Green, director of media relations for Miller Brewing Company. The company provided nearly $100,000 in sponsorship money this year to the fair.  "Miller is committed to and values diversity and we've been supportive of the LGBT community for many, many years," said Green. "We will continue to support the community."

Thomas called Orion Keg and Wine Shop to congratulate them for taking the stance.  “I encourage everyone to call Mike and Rita Setto for boycotting Miller.  They can call their store directly 248-391-1490 and encourage them to keep the boycott strong.  Any Chaldean who supports Jesus over Miller should be applauded.  Every Chaldean who calls themselves Chaldean should be part of the boycott.”

Chaldeans received a list of Miller products to avoid purchasing or selling as well as Miller contact information where Chaldeans can call to voice their frustration. 

Miller contact information:

Miller Brewing Company, 3939 W. Highland Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53208 (414) 931-2000. 

Event Marketing Co-ordinator
Joan Zitzke Extension 3337
Pat Palechek / ppalechek@mbco.Com / Telephone: 267-395-3619

Vice President, Investor Relations
Gary Leibowitz
gary.leibowitz@ sabmiller. com

Senior Vice President, Communications and Government Affairs
Nehl Horton,  horton.nehl@mbco.com,  Telephone: 414-931-2243

Acting Director Media Relations
Peter Marino, marino.peter@ mbco.com,  Telephone: 312-577-1754

Miller Product Listing:

Miller Company Memorabilia
Miller Lite
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Genuine Draft Light
Miller High Life
Miller High Life Light
Sharp's non-alcohol brew
Red Dog
Icehouse 5.0
Icehouse 5.5
Icehouse Light
Southpaw Light
Leinenkugel' s Original
Leinenkugel' s Light
Leinenkugel' s Red Lager
Leinenkugel' s Honey Weiss
Leinenkugel' s Apple Spice (seasonal)
Leinenkugel' s Berry Weiss
Leinenkugel' s Oktoberfest (seasonal)
Leinenkugel' s Creamy Dark
Leinenkugel' s Big Butt Doppelbock (seasonal)
Leinenkugel' s Sunset Wheat
Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve
Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Pale Ale
Henry Weinhard's Classic Dark
Henry Weinhard's Northwest Trail Blonde Lager
Henry Weinhard's Hefeweizen
Henry Weinhard's Summer Wheat
Hamm's Draft
Hamm's Special Light
Olde English 800 Malt Liquor
Olde English HG800
Olde English HG800 7.5
Magnum Malt Liquor
Mickey's Malt Liquor
Mickey's Ice
Milwaukee's Best
Milwaukee's Best Light
Milwaukee's Best Ice
Foster's Lager
Foster's Special Bitter
Peroni Nastro Azzurro
Pilsner Urquell
Sheaf Stout
Sparks Light
Sparks Plus 7%
Sparks Plus 6%
Steel Reserve Triple Export 8.1%
Steel Reserve High Gravity
Steel Reserve High Gravity 6.0
Steel Six