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Fri, 01 Jul 2016 23:00:00 -0500

Automation does the grudge work so you have more time and attention for getting to know the people who will build your company.

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 22:00:00 -0500

The dating website has banned teens 17 and younger but all social media platforms need to create and enforce rules against cyberbullying and sexting.

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 21:30:00 -0500

Improv isn't just for theatrical actors; it can teach your employees, too.

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Fitness and health companies can pump up their profits by specifically targeting their customers.

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'Some weeks, I make just as much as I used to, if not more', this contributor says.

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Everyone looking to serve the small business market can study Intuit's three key principles for success.

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In this episode of 'Behind The Brand,' Bryan Elliott chats with entrepreneur Mauricio Umansky.

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Make sure you find the right digital marketing company for your business by asking these five important questions.

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The Icelandic singer donned some crazy masks during recent performances.

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If your website isn't mobile optimized. you're losing business without even knowing it.

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'All the single ladies' is now so much more than a song lyric.

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Consumers crave content, and so advertisers have become publishers.

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Happy #CanadaDay2016.

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Use this innovation to take your backyard activities up a notch this Fourth of July weekend.

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A full-time job at a prospering company does not equate to job security, as one entrepreneur learned after getting laid off.

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You have to have a sense of humor about these things. Well, you don't have to, but as aJewish wise man once said, "It's like chicken soup to a dead man; it couldn't hurt." LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 10: Larry Nance Jr. #7 of the Los Angeles Lakers grabs a [...]

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The sale of baseball cards from the epic Bible Study Group Find in Texas offers a terrific return on your investment if you know what to look for, even in the bargain bins at baseball card shows. He are five hot investment tips.

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The Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade appear to be an impasse in contract talks and it sounds like Wade is willing to listen to offers from other teams. There is no word right now about whether talking to other teams is simply gaining leverage to ask for a bigger deal [...]

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DeMar DeRozan now has the NBA's biggest contract. DeMar DeRozan? Welcome to the NBA's silly season where there is more money to go around than ever.

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New technological breakthroughs from U.S. Department of Energy laboratories have put removing uranium from seawater within economic reach. Nuclear fuel made with uranium extracted from seawater would make nuclear power as renewable as solar, hydro and wind.

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Those who motivate themselves to have successful careers are also driven to succeed at hobbies.

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With health care costs jumping in 2016, Americans should prepare for the unexpected.

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How a 23-year-old started a travel company that will surprise you (seriously).

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The employment agency lady told me, "Get the job offer, no matter what -- you can always turn it down!" Here's why that is bad advice.

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(Source: Advanced Micro Devices) There is no doubt in my mind that many gamers have been waiting for this day for quite some time. Today marks the launch of Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) new Radeon RX 480 GPU, the company’s first VR-capable GPU that is sold for $199. This GPU is [...]

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15 Reminders for Chaldeans Leasing or Renting
By Rita Abro :: Monday, May 4, 2009 :: 42112 Views :: Article Rating :: Living & Lifestyle, Business & Finance

California, USA – “You have to know your rights.  Otherwise they may take advantage of you when you rent from them,” says Khaloud “Kelly” Heso, a property manager in Orange Grove Townhouse and Apartments in a small town outside of San Diego, California.  “I once worked with a company that taught us not to share renter rights with the tenants.  I could not work for a company that operated in that way, so I left and came to Orange Grove.” 

Chaldeans should know what their rights are when renting and you don't have to be expert in landlord-tenant law to protect yourself. Chaldeans are reminded to review their rights when renting or leasing and to always read the agreement before signing the dotted line.

Laws that protect both landlord and tenant have become so complex that understanding your rights can be difficult. Since landlord-tenant law varies by state, the key is knowing your rights -- preferably before you even sign your rental agreement. Understanding your state law and the terms of your lease are your best guarantees against future problems.

15 common renters' rights all Chaldeans should know:

Although Chaldean renters' rights vary by region, many are similar and predictable. Here's a sample of rights likely to be addressed in your state's landlord-tenant law:

1. The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to deny housing to a tenant on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, disability, family status, or national origin.

2. Residential rental units should be habitable and in compliance with housing and health codes—meaning they should be structurally safe, sanitary, weatherproofed, and include adequate water, electricity, and heat.

3. Many states limit the amount landlords can charge for security deposits. For Chaldeans in California the amount is 2 months' rent (unfurnished); 3 months' rent (furnished). Add extra one-half month's rent for waterbed.  In Michigan and Arizona the amount is one and one-half months' rent. In Nevada is 3 months and Illinois there is no statutory limit. 

4. A landlord should make necessary repairs and perform maintenance tasks in a timely fashion, or include a provision in the lease stating that tenants can order repairs and deduct the cost from rent.

5. A landlord must give prior notice (typically 24 hours) before entering your premises and can normally only do so to make repairs or in case of an emergency.

6. Illegal requirements in a rental agreement (section counter to state law) are usually not enforceable in court.

7. If a landlord has violated important terms related to health, safety, or necessary repairs, you might have a legal right to break your lease.

8. If you have to break a long-term lease, in most states landlords are required to search for a new tenant as soon as possible rather than charging the tenant for the full duration of the lease.

9. Damage or security deposits are not deductible for "normal wear and tear." Some states require that a landlord give an itemized report of any deductions.

10. Most states require landlords to return refundable portions of a security deposit within 14 to 30 days after the tenant has vacated the premises, even in the case of eviction.

11. Landlords usually can't legally seize a tenant's property for nonpayment of rent or any other reason, except in the case of abandonment as defined by law.

12. Landlords are legally prohibited from evicting tenants as retaliation for action a tenant takes related to a perceived landlord violation.

13. A landlord cannot legally change the locks, shut off (or cause to have shut off) your utilities, or evict you without notice; eviction requires a court order.

14. If a landlord makes life so miserable for you that it forces you to move, it may be considered "constructive eviction," which is usually grounds for legal action.

15. In many states, it's illegal for a lease to stipulate that the tenant is responsible for the landlord's attorney fees in case of a court dispute.

Chaldeans should protect themselves.  Before you move in, tour the premises with your landlord, and note and photograph any existing damage. When you move out, if your landlord withholds part of your damage deposit, ask for an itemized list of charges and the reason for the charges. If there's a discrepancy between this list and the one you made before moving in, let the landlord know immediately. Keep copies of all correspondence with your landlord, as well as dated records of phone and in-person conversations.