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A Few Simple Steps to Sprucing Up Your Home for Springtime Sale
By Salam Abbo :: Thursday, April 2, 2009 :: 51389 Views :: Article Rating :: Living & Lifestyle

Chaldeans taking advantage of the buyers market in real estate have to remember one thing: you still have to sell your current home.  Chaldeans trying to sell their home should follow these easy do it yourself (DIY) tips. In fact, some of the most important fix-up projects a Chaldean homeowner can do to help speed the sale of their home in the spring can be done with a little planning and elbow-grease.

A good cleaning, a fresh coat of paint and groomed yard are the basics of preparing for a home sale.  Like most everything in life, first impressions are important and a neat, clean look gives a good first impression to buyers. 

Some additional ideas which you may want to consider:

  • Plan a yard-sale, or a tax-deductible donation to remove old furniture and toys, appliances and other clutter material.  Your attic, garage, closets, cupboards and storage space will look so much bigger, and moving will be easier for you.
  • A freshly painted wall is a canvas to the eye of prospective buyers; and clean windows brighten a room and make it look larger.
  • A well trimmed yard - free of scattered toys - allows viewers to focus on the neatness of the home.  Be sure to edge shrubs and front lawn, weed and till garden areas, repaint fountains and fill any outside cracks. 
  • In the kitchen and bath be sure to fix dripping faucets and repair or replace caulking.  Bathrooms and kitchens are a key selling point.

If you are ready to invest some money to improve your home’s look, start with the most cost-effective projects and remember to keep a journal of jobs and receipts.  Home improvement costs are often deductible (when costs are incurred 90 days before the sale and paid within 30 days after the sale).  While lawn-mowing and weekly cleaning bills do not qualify according to the IRS, new paint, a new water heater, or new gutters usually do apply.  Some hints:

  • Replace broken gutters and shutters.
  • New paint indoors or out is usually approved by the IRS for deduction if completed and paid for near the time of sale.
  • New floor coverings (in neutral shades) on kitchen and bathroom floors may be another affordable investment which can speed a sale by appealing to buyers’ desire for a property that is ‘ready to move in,’ particularly if the current style of colors are dated.
  • Repair broken woodwork, loose planks, and creaky stairs.  No buyer wants a home that needs structural repairs.
  • Hardwood floors are a plus.  If you have hardwood floors, consider removing the floor covering, especially if the carpet is worn.

You may want to reconsider more ambitious jobs, however, if you are thinking of selling the home any time soon. 

While bathroom and kitchen up-grades generally help appreciation, not all home additions will add value to the property - other than that value which you personally enjoy.  

Remember, not everyone wants a swimming pool that could be a safety hazard for young children, or an island kitchen design that restricts kitchen traffic flow.  A new deck may recoup its installment costs, but new kitchen cabinets come in a variety of designs and styles that the buyer should choose. 

Talk to your agent about the improvements most appropriate in for current market conditions and you will do your share to speed the sale of your home. 

Salam Abbo is a Century 21 realtor, who has achieved the prestigious 10 million dollar sales club.  The sales club honors realtors who have demonstrated leadership in real estate measured by their sales.  Mr. Abbo lives and works in Michigan with real-estate partnerships in Chicago, Phoenix, and San Diego.  Mr. Abbo has been married for over 25 years and has three college educated children.