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Thu, 26 Nov 2015 00:30:00 -0600

Dame Stephanie Shirley founded a female-run software development company in 1962 -- but she still had to sign her name as a man to be taken seriously.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 23:30:00 -0600

Are you passionate about the product? And will you have fun, learn and build wealth? Then you've found the right fit.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 23:00:00 -0600

Superstar status belongs to those who, for starters, focus on completion of a task rather than blind adherence to a work process.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:30:00 -0600

The first impression is everything -- even via email. Here are tips to get it right.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:00:00 -0600

Draw the line that you should never cross: You just don't lie in business.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:30:00 -0600

Successful leaders could learn a lot from great salespeople.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:00:00 -0600

Richard Branson, Tim Westergren and James Dyson all refused to be part of the 'failure culture.'

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:30:00 -0600

We're in a cycle that celebrates and rewards growth at almost any cost, but that doesn't mean it's the right approach.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:00:00 -0600

Start a new tradition of 'career letters,' to express gratitude for what's good your work life.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:30:00 -0600

This entrepreneur predicts a shift from the craziness of Black Friday to the digital shopping extravaganza after the weekend.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:00:00 -0600

To keep customers from abandoning the sale do everything to make the process smooth.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 18:30:00 -0600

According to a new study, our offices may be chipping years off our lives.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 18:15:00 -0600

Inexpensive microphones and lighting techniques will make a world of difference -- and boost your views and sales.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 18:00:00 -0600

Just as a great novel needs a readership in order to be successful, your business needs a stellar marketing plan.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 17:30:00 -0600

Thanks to America's love of wine and the web, the ease of acquiring wines has made wine cellars an integral part of the home.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 23:51:00 -0600

Amazon makes a big deal out of Black Friday, by starting its sales early and maintaining interest with limited-time “Lightning Deals” which pop up throughout the sale period.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:29:00 -0600

You've probably heard the term "fear-based manager," but what does it mean -- and how can you spot a fear-based manager before you end up working for one? Liz Ryan explains!

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 17:02:00 -0600

The Patriots’ superstar quarterback has no shortage of fans lining up to spend the most money for a an autograph that I can recall in recent memory.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 16:41:00 -0600

If you're looking to buy a new console, it's a good time to do it. 2015 has been an excellent year for current-gen console gaming, overall, and it seems to have piqued some people's interest: I expect this year's excellent slate of AAA games to drive a lot of console [...]

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 16:41:00 -0600

If you're considering buying a PS4 this Black Friday, you're not alone. Sony just announced 30.2 million sales for its indomitable console, continuing an impressive streak-- outpacing even the PS2 for total sales. The company slashed the base price to $349.99 a little while ago, but there are even better [...]

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 11:08:00 -0600

By shooting down a Russian plane Turkey has declared itself to be an ally of the Islamic State rather than the West. Washington should drop its dangerous frenemy in Ankara.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 01:45:00 -0600

Putin is rightly described as a bully—and the standard procedure against bullies is to fight back. Turkey’s Erdogan has done just that. Will Turkey’s military allies back him up or cave once more? This test, if it comes, will have profound consequences.

Tue, 24 Nov 2015 23:36:00 -0600

In a recent article, small business expert Gene Marks shared the unconventional argument that Small Business Saturday is unimportant at best, and insulting at worst. I respect his position and can certainly understand the underlying argument he was trying to make. Unfortunately, I believe his approach is overly cynical and misses the mark. As the CEO of a company whose sole mission is to educate, encourage, and support small businesses, I must take this opportunity to present a counter-argument.

Mon, 23 Nov 2015 18:49:00 -0600

Who run the world? Girls. Women. Melinda Gates is exerting her influence over the richest charitable foundation in history. In doing so, she's quickly become the most powerful advocate for women and girls in the world.

Sat, 21 Nov 2015 20:03:00 -0600

VideoHoly smoke. If you haven't seen the new Marvel-Netflix series Jessica Jones, then do yourself a favor: stop whatever you're doing and stream the entire first season right now. If you're at work, you should probably just quit and go home to watch it -- unless you need the job [...]

Fri, 20 Nov 2015 20:51:00 -0600

The 60-some interns in Evercore’s summer program work shoulder to shoulder with analysts at the New York-based investment banking firm. “This is not by any means a shadowing program,” says Randi Brown, head of recruiting and training. While interns work on actual deals, they also get plenty of mentoring and [...]

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Chaldean Business Leaders Debate The Economic Bailout
By joe acho :: Thursday, October 2, 2008 :: 14283 Views :: Article Rating :: Business & Finance

The economic explosion continues to ripple throughout the country.  Calls for taxpayers to bailout private companies for fear of an economic downturn plays on every network and old guard paper media outfits.  “You only seem to get the real news from talk radio and the Internet,” says Bashar Jarbow.  “You can’t trust the TV networks or newspapers anymore.”

Jarbow has good cause to be disillusioned.  However, hidden in some news pages were weak warnings of the looming economic crisis.  Fadi Faraj of Chicago, Illinois e-mails an archived article in the New York Times back Business Page titled, Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending. 

Faraj, highlights the intense pressure from the Clinton Administration to force mortgage loans to low and moderate income people.   Congressional leaders arm twisted private banks to make more subprime loans to borrowers whose incomes, credit ratings and savings are not good enough to qualify for conventional loans.

“The corruption and cover-up of a backdoor housing welfare program has hurt our nation more than any terrorist attack.  We have been bombed by greedy politicians and crooked bankers in bed with congress,” says Chaldean business leader Imad Jeddou.  “This will cost every American above the age of 18 nearly half-a million in debt that they will have to carry to his children and grandchildren.  If all those who vote for this bill are not voted out of office, America is on the path to becoming a weak European socialist society.”

Jeddou is not alone in calling on congress to stop their reckless spending.  Jeddou says that the bailout would permanently price out of the housing market all those responsible Americans who have been patiently saving to buy a house that they can actually afford.  The current housing correction is necessary to remedy the historic run up in housing prices over the past decade. By bailing out the housing market, the government will prevent housing prices from returning to affordable levels, thereby ensuring that renters will not be able to buy a home and current homeowners will not be able to upgrade.

Jeddou is frustrated over the government bailout of the housing market and says, “it’s both fiscally and morally irresponsible;  it is an unfair subsidy being paid to the wealthy (bankers), the greedy (mortgage brokers, flippers, and yes some homeowners), and the irresponsible (some homeowners), with little or no benefit to those paying the bill (taxpayers).  Why should responsible Americans be forced to pay for the mistakes of others?”

Jenna Yakou disagrees.  The Chaldean broker says, “It was irresponsible politicians forcing banks to lend to undeserving homeowners.  We get that now, but many responsible Americans will be affected by a poor economy