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Chaldeans Concerned over Red Meat Link to Cancer
By Britney Hermiz :: Sunday, December 16, 2007 :: 51317 Views :: Article Rating :: Health & Fitness

California, USA - Chaldeans who eat a lot of red meat and processed meats have a significantly higher risk of several types of cancer, including lung cancer and colorectal cancer, says Dr. Tarik Kajy, a Chaldean cancer specialist and surgeon.  A recent study released by U.S. researchers concur with Dr. Kajy that high red meat consummation is a health risk.  

The study is the first big study to show a link between meat and lung cancer. It also shows that people who eat a lot of meat have a higher risk of liver and esophageal cancer and that men raise their risk of pancreatic cancer by eating red meat.

A growing number of Chaldeans in America are being diagnosed with cancer.  Dr. Kajy theorizes that high red meat consumption in the Chaldean diet might be to blame.  “Chaldeans originating from the Middle East often ate a high vegetarian laden Mediterranean style diet balanced with low meat intake.  However, Chaldeans in America have reversed the portions and are now eating more meat then the traditional vegetable driven meal.”

Dr. Kajy shares that, “The researchers studied 500,000 people aged 50 to 71 for eight years.  They examined 53,396 cases of cancer.  What they discovered was a statistically significant elevated risks (ranging from 20 percent to 60 percent) were evident for esophageal, colorectal, liver, and lung cancer, comparing individuals in the highest with those in the lowest quintile of red meat intake.”

The study revealed that people in the top 20 percent of eating processed meat had a 20 percent higher risk of colorectal cancer -- mostly rectal cancer -- and a 16 percent higher risk for lung cancer.

The study also shows that red meat intake was associated with an elevated risk for cancers of the esophagus and liver.  These differences held even when smoking was accounted for among the cases.  Meats can cause cancer by several routes, the study noted.

“If Chaldean Americans do not return to their traditional roots relating to their diet cancer and obesity will soon become the number one killer in the community,” Dr. Kajy added. 
Meat is a strong source of saturated fat and iron, which have independently been associated with carcinogenesis.  Meat is also a source of several chemicals known to cause DNA mutations, including N-nitroso compounds, heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. 

Both the fat and cancer causing chemicals are found in larger quantities in meats that are sold or used in restaurants.  Chaldeans that continue to eat out more run a higher risk of cancer. 

Meat consumption in relation to cancer risk has been reported in over a hundred epidemiological studies from many countries with diverse diets. 

“Chaldeans have been fortunate in America.  The opportunities for a hard-working family to be successful are plenty.  Unfortunately, Chaldeans who find themselves successful tend to eat out more and indulge in foods high in red meat.  That mistake is proving to be deadly as Chaldeans in America far outpace the cancer rate of their cultural relatives in other parts of the world,” says Dr. Kajy. 

Chaldean families recognizing the dangers of red meat are returning to more traditional Chaldean meals and have recommitted to eating out less.