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Udemy offers thousands of online courses that movers, shakers, and entrepreneurs like you can enroll in to better themselves and their businesses.

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Turn one-time volunteers into lifelong supporters.

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iOS 10.3 has been released to the public today. And iOS 10.3 includes new features like a new Find My AirPods service, Wi-Fi Calling on iCloud devices, a new Podcasts app widget, a new Apple ID Settings menu, the reformatting of files as part of the Apple File System (APFS) rollout and much more!

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Hard line negotiation tactics may play well on television, but entrepreneurs should beware. In real life, negotiation often requires a more nuanced approach.

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The airline's refusal to let three non-revenue passengers board wearing leggings isn't sexist, or unjust, and it's not arbitrary. What it is, is nobody's business but United's.

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In 2016, John Cena made a reported $9.5 million. With Roman Reigns looking to claim WWE as his yard against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, he could close in on a very high financial ceiling as WWE's top star.

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Annie is in a bind. Her direct supervisor is an incompetent bully. She can't decide whether to start a stealth job search, or go see her CEO and tell him the truth about Chuck in hopes of fixing what's broken in her department. What would you advise Annie to do?

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Nathan Allen Pirtle went from gang life to successful entrepreneur. He is proof that anyone can turn their life around and with purpose and intentionality.

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Chaldean Greg Acho Lends a Nurturing Hand
By Evon Elias :: Thursday, May 24, 2007 :: 52833 Views :: Article Rating :: Health & Fitness, Religion & Spirituality, Business & Finance, Government & Society

California, USA - In the life of every being that walks this planet, there is a purpose that is to be fulfilled before their time here is complete. Whether it be carrying out a career that may change the lives of many, creating a family of his own and protecting them, or just living a life that is alive with faith, hope and love… every mission is unique. It is vital in life to have confidence in understanding that the value of every accomplishment and deed done, be it big or small, is still so very great. For it is in the words of the Blessed Mother Theresa who proclaimed that, “Little things are indeed little, but to be faithful in little things is a great thing.”

Over in The Golden State, better known as California, a great man by the name of Gregory Acho is believed to have found what so many seek: their calling in life. But this calling, this purpose he prays to fulfill successfully, is not for his own pleasure, but is for people in his community that he yearns to reach out to and help by leading them to an improved stage in their life.

Acho, 30, founder of Conscious Contact, Inc., a non-profit sober living organization (rehabilitation clinic) are helping Americans overcome the strenuous process of staying sober. Acho adds that it is not as simple as it sounds, just “staying sober” or fighting an addiction, but that it is “[much] deeper than that. We provide support for each person to look within themselves and make contact, Conscious Contact, with who and what they have always been.” 

Acho charmingly affirms that the priority of this clinic is to “provide a space and the support for people to discover both the lies that they have been living in and also the truth that’s been longing to live itself within them.  Every little piece of the puzzle counts, naturally, and “when all the right parts are in place, GRACE is allowed to do all the work.”

As many people know, a lot of the time, things are much easier said than done… for there is a great comparison between actions and words. However, when one carries out the action and brings a dream to life, words become superfluous, because what is seen is so much greater than what is heard.  

For Acho, the vision for Conscious Contact, Inc. was spontaneously brought about. But, just as fate does, when Acho “brought the idea to others, there was a natural coming together of the right people and the right place.” In fact, he proclaims that, “It was less of me taking steps, and more of being shown what the steps were. It came together in ways I could have never planned.” Surprises in life may leave someone in awe, but it is essential to recall that despite the plans we design for our life, it may be better to do it in pencil, since we are not the ones in control.

It is great to note that when Acho was asked how much he believed God played a role in his venture, he whole-heartedly declared that, “Traditionally we speak of God as somehow separate from ourselves, as though God could not be a part of anything. My experience is that this is ALL God. The beauty AND the pain. When it’s clearly seen that it’s all God, everything can be embraced… For me, my company acts as a mirror for how open or blocked my relationship with God is.”

And how did this all start? With personal experience, something new was revealed to Acho… something real. He explains that, “Several years back, I began working at a treatment center in Southern California, and it became clear that addiction brought to light everything that I needed to confront in myself to truly be free and happy. I knew that sharing this with others brought a completion to my life that nothing else could have.” With a caring heart, the genuine sense of freedom and happiness that Acho had obtained was a feeling he could not dare keep to himself, but had to make known to others in the best way he could.

As days pass and time flies, Conscious Contact, Inc. is a strong base ready for anyone who wishes to start anew and live once again. Not just live for life, but for the moments, memories, prayers, desires, happiness, faith and love that make up the building blocks of “living” itself.

Acho gratefully states that, “There is nothing more fulfilling than guiding someone back into what they have been looking for their whole lives. Not just having our priority be sobriety, but to have our priority be WHOLENESS, allows so much more room than what traditional treatment offers for REAL healing to take place.” Real healing is the goal for Acho and his companions. To shed what once was, and bring to light what is to be… and what could be the greatest gift of all, especially if it is a second chance at life.

“As each one of us are mirrors for each other, for who we really are and what life really is, it is my hope that the Conscious Contact community continues to serve the disillusionment of suffering in greater and greater ways.” And with these hopes of his, prayers, encouragement and support for Conscious Contact, Inc. will also be intact. Along with request for God’s blessings every step of the way.

If you wish to receive more information, you are welcome to visit www.consciouscontact.org.


 Evon Elias is an Oakland University, Michigan student with a deep understanding and interest in religious and spiritual matters. Ms. Elias writes for www.CHALDEAN.org and publishes her work in the religious and spiritual section of the community website.  Comments regarding this article or suggestions for future articles can be sent to info@chaldean.org or directly to Ms. Elias at WithHisLove48@yahoo.com