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Chaldean in Oak Park Michigan Offended by Tax Increase Reasons
By Sam Yousif :: Monday, June 2, 2008 :: 38314 Views :: Government & Society

Michigan, USA - Chaldeans in Oak Park, Michigan are perplexed over plans by Oak Park Mayor to ask its residents to approve a tax hike.  The mayor says the money is needed to keep two public safety officers on the payroll and buy patrol cars in the wake of budget cuts.

Mayor Gerald Naftaly says the city had to cut $900,000 from its 2008-09 budget because of declining revenues.  A decline that many say has been caused because of the city’s inability to keep property values from plummeting.  “I don’t understand why Mayor Naftaly has to cut police.  There are other ways to save money for the city,”  Oak Park resident,
Imad Kuza says

To balance the budget, city management suggested cutting six positions, including two officers.  “I am personally offended by the scare tactics Naftaly is using.  Just be honest and quit being a politician.  We are a small town and can take the truth.”

Naftaly has been reported as saying that fewer officers could mean compromised service.  Quoted in the local paper for the area Naftaly said, "With fewer people, you've got to expect that response time might be slower," he said. "Our citizens expect a high level of service."

Kuza is also upset over the effort to put the two proposals on the August ballot.  Voters are to be given two proposal options to override the Headlee Amendment, which limits property tax increases to the inflation rate.

“They are pulling a fast one.  They are not telling residents where the money is going to go, they are not holding town hall meetings, or anything to help residents understand why there are no other options,” Kuza added. 

The first proposal gives the city the right to charge $200 for a home valued at $200,000 per year for ten years.  The second proposal allows the city to charge $200 every year for ten years and then $400 every year for another ten years.  Chaldean residents can expect to pay an additional $2,000 under the first proposal and $6,000 under the second. 

The city’s current tax rate is $24 per $1,000 of property value. 

“A majority of Chaldeans in Oak Park are against the tax increase.  The city needs to find better ways to manage their money and threatening to cut police is not an option.  They can do better.  If they can not, we should find a new mayor and city council that can,” Kuza determinedly says. 

"Chaldeans have to get out and vote no in August or they will end up paying $6,000."