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Entries for November 2006

Raad Yono Calls it a Stick-Up
By Sam Yousif :: 12 Views :: Business & Finance

Chaldean business consultant Raad Yono says Wal-Mart’s alignment with liberal causes is out of threat and fear.  “Wal-Mart has been bullied around by Democrats and forced to give to causes they traditionally would not align with,” says Yono.  The consultant responding after www.CHALDEAN.org reported of Wal-Mart’s contribution to homosexual causes and decision to carry the abortion pill. 

The retailer has always cherished successful values that enrich lives and lay the foundation for success Yono says.  “But the pressure from Democrats has become unbearable as political operatives put the squeeze on Wal-Mart and coerce them into supporting liberal causes that run counter to Wal-Mart’s success.”

 Wal-Mart may be expanding in the People's Republic of China, but here in capitalist America the low-price retailer has become the Democratic Party's favorite pinata. The media like to portray this as a populist uprising against heartless big business. But what they don't bother to disclose is that this entire get-Wal-Mart campaign is a political operation led and funded by organized labor and the Democratic party.

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Chaldean Home Improvement Investment the Wise Way
By Sam Yousif :: 6 Views :: Living & Lifestyle

For many Chaldeans the investment in their home is second to none.  The luxurious master bedrooms, marble and slate countertops, elaborately decorated living and dining rooms, and routinely remolded bathrooms and kitchens seem par for the course. 

The long hours and hard-work to eek out a small savings can disappear overnight when the decision to remodel.  Most all remodeling project fail to return your investment in improving your home but some areas fair better than others. 

If the choice to remodel is made out of vanity rather than actual improvement you are guaranteed to lose most all your investment.  However, if the choice is made to genuinely improve the function, feel, and resale of the home you can recoup over 80% of your investment and enjoy the upgrade.  Before you begin, a wise Chaldean homeowner will asking themselves:: "Where's the smartest place to put my money?"

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Mosul Church Bombed As Attacks Against Christians Continue
By Guest Reporter :: 16 Views :: Government & Society

ARBIL, Iraq -– Unknown assailants bombed the entrance of a Catholic church in Mosul last week, destroying three sets of doors as well as windows in the church, monastery and guest house.

A source near the church at the time of the November blast said that the explosion at 7 p.m. shattered the exterior iron doors of the Dominican Clock Church compound and flattened two sets of wood doors. The discharge ripped through the windows of the monastery chapel where Dominican priests were holding evening prayer.

No one was harmed in the blast.

“The whole area heard the explosion, it was so big,” said one eyewitness of the destruction, speaking to Compass Direct News on condition of anonymity the evening after the attack.

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2006 Chaldean Chy Cup Championship Results
By Sam Yousif :: 41 Views :: Sports, Art, and Entertainment

Michigan, USA - They crisp coldness of the night kept all but, the die hard fans of the Chaldean Chy Cup Championship.  The game held in Birmingham, Michigan’s Grove’s field Saturday November 11, 2006.  The 26th Annual Chy Cup Bowl brought the best two flag football teams of the 2006 years.  Stadium lights blared across the field as the underdog of the evening team Black, led by Roy Sitto took the field against defending team White, led by Joey Jonna. 

The heat of the competition quickly warmed the stadium as team Black walked on the field with two season losses against White.  Team White confidently strolled onto the field as two time Bowl champions and defeating Black twice in the season.  The game seemed all but inevitable as to the two faced one another. 

However, sports fans that faced the cold were treated to an intense night of a dog fight game. 

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Best Buy a Bad Deal Says Shaya
By Sam Yousif :: 19 Views :: Business & Finance

Michigan, USA – Activist Abeer Shaya sees the writing on the wall.  A law student at University of Michigan and scholar of religious history, Shaya says Christian humiliation is a precursor to Christian persecution.  “In ancient times, Christians were mocked, harassed, belittled, and humiliated.  Kids were taught Christians ate their children and were the cause of natural disasters because they refused to worship many Gods.”

The Chaldean legal and historical scholar adds that Christians were first humiliated and then made to be scapegoats.  “While Christians kept to themselves, their values and virtues made them act in ways that drew attention from Romans.  They acted piously and their virtues and values contrasted with the Roman way of life.  Humiliation and insult is the building of a runway so the plane of persecution can land.”
Shaya adds that Christians today are obviously under attack; their holidays are corrupted, stripped, and commercialized into meaninglessness by anti-Christian groups.   As the Christmas season draws near Chaldeans like Shaya are making clear they are steering away of businesses that attempt to dilute or corrupt the Christmas holy day.  

Best Buy has announced they will be using "Happy Holidays" this coming Christmas shopping season, and they will not be using "Merry Christmas."

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Red Cross Emblem Proliferation Becomes A Concern
By Rita Abro :: 8 Views :: Government & Society, World News & Odds 'N' Ends

Baghadad, Iraq - Former medical volunteer in Iraq, Ramy Bakko shrugs and nods his head in confusion over the proliferation of the Red Cross emblem.   “Evil works in small ways.  Evil works to divide and conquer.  These new Muslim Iraqi people want to take over our country.”   Ramy Bakko was attacked for using Red Cross equipment in a Muslim country.  “They say I should be a Red Crescent. I tell them I am, I show them my shirt and badge, they call me a spy and that I am to be killed.  If not by God’s grace I would have been killed if one of the men did not recognize me for helping his child.  They let me go free and say if I use a Red Cross they will spill my red blood.”

The Chaldean medical doctor serves for the international aid society that provides humanitarian aid during times of war.  Often protected under the Red Cross or Red Crescent societies volunteers are called to help the injured.  “I have no job so I try to help those who are hurt.  I don’t care if they are Christian, Muslim, or Jew.  I try to save a life.  Because as you can see, my reward is one day my life will be saved.”

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Chaldean High School Students Need to Prepare for March 2007 Exam
By CE&CC :: 4 Views :: Career & Education

Michigan, USA – The Chaldean Education and Career Center was notified today that the Michigan Department of Education will administer next spring the new Michigan Merit Exam (MME), which will include a free ACT test for high school juniors.

This new state assessment was signed into law by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm last year to replace the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) assessments at the high school level.

The state has been awaiting official word from the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) about whether the MME will be approved to use for school accountability purposes as part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

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2006 Michigan Midterm Election Results
By Chaldean Caucus :: 8 Views :: Government & Society

The Michigan chapter of the Chaldean Caucus presents the 2006 midterm election results.  Other chapters of the Chaldean Caucus across America are submitting their results and will be posted on the community website.  

If you have questions or concerns about the election please e-mail ChaldeanCaucus@yahoo.com

The Chaldean Caucus will be holding voter registration drives, candidate recruitment, and information sessions for the Chaldean community.  Please check with your local chapter for a schedule of events.   


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Chaldean Caucus of Michigan Recommends the Following
By Chaldean Caucus :: 25719 Views :: Government & Society

The Chaldean Caucus is a non-partisan organization with a mission of educating policy makers about Chaldeans and encouraging policies that support American Chaldeans.

The Michigan chapter of the Chaldean Caucus makes the following recommendations for the midterm elections for candidates and proposals that best support the Chaldean community, the state of Michigan, and America.

The Chaldean Caucus is an approved organization of the community website and will be posting policy related issues that impact the American Chaldean community on this website.

To learn more about the Chaldean Caucus or to join our efforts please e-mail ChaldeanCaucus@yahoo.com.

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Saddam Sentenced To Death By Hanging
By Guest Reporter :: 13 Views :: Law & Order, Government & Society, World News & Odds 'N' Ends

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's High Tribunal on Sunday found Saddam Hussein guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced him to hang for the 1982 killing of 148 Shiites in the city of Dujail. The visibly shaken former leader shouted "God is great!"

Saddam's half brother and former intelligence chief Barzan Ibrahim, and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, head of the former Revolutionary Court, were sentenced to join Saddam on the gallows for the Dujail killings after an unsuccessful assassination attempt during a Saddam visit to the city 35 miles north of Baghdad.

The death sentences automatically go to a nine-judge appeals panel which has unlimited time to review the case. If the verdicts and sentences are upheld, the executions must be carried out within 30 days.

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Gibson Receives Award for Apocolypto
By Rita Abro :: 11 Views :: Sports, Art, and Entertainment

California, USA - Chaldeans felt the same glow of appreciation when Mel Gibson brought the Aramaic language to the forefront.   “A brilliant man whose action and deeds speak for him, better than he speaks for himself,” says UC college film critic Ann Kassa.

Controversy and anger has followed Gibson since his successful work on the Passion, which grossed nearly a billion dollars.  “He is seen as a clear and competitive threat by legacy studios in Hollywood,” says Kassa.  “Gibson is not a card carrying culture destroyer like the other studios.  Just the opposite.  This man seems to be on a mission to revive and bring dignity to people through his brilliant works.  Plain and simple he is a threat to Hollywood’s monopoly and he doesn’t hang around their clubs to be brainwashed.”

Kassa’s theory may not be off mark as Gibson completes his latest project titled "Apocalypto.” - a movie completely done in Mayan-dialect set to hit the theaters in early December of 2006.  

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American Catholic Bishops Call For Peace in Iraq
By Rita Abro :: 18 Views :: Religion & Spirituality, Government & Society

Washington D.C., USA - Soaring violence against Christians in Iraq – including the alleged crucifixion of a teenage boy in Basra - has prompted the Catholic Church to call for a safe haven to protect minority groups as the country slides toward civil war.

The American Catholic bishops have also asked US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to grant asylum to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians who have fled their homes to escape persecution.

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Fake ‘Catholic Voters Guide’ Created To Mislead Catholics From Church Teachings
By Sam Yousif :: 9 Views :: Religion & Spirituality, Government & Society

American Catholics are stunned that the Democratic Party would stoop so low as to purposely mislead and manipulate Catholics about their faith and sacred teachings.    The fake 'Catholic Voters Guide' Published by Former Aide to John Kerry attempts to recapture the hemorrhaging of Catholic voters rejecting the Democratic Party. 

Chaldean Caucus member and former Democrat Wendy Jaberow, who became a Republican because of these sorts of underhanded and deceitful efforts, feels the Fake Catholic Voters Guide is another example of the shameful values the Democrats have embraced.  “They believe that ‘any means necessary’ is justifiable for them to gain power.  They have sold their souls to the devil.”

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