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Chaldeans Measured for Political Leanings
By Britney Hermiz :: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 :: 75606 Views :: Living & Lifestyle, Government & Society

California, USA – The results are in for the voter knowledge survey.  The survey was created to register Chaldean voter knowledge of the presidential campaign and extrapolate which presidential candidate would best address the needs of Chaldeans. 

Dr. James Brothman, psychometric expert and president of Brothman Research, created the survey for  A psychometric survey is a more sophisticated method than the traditional polls that ask respondents who they plan to vote for in the election.  The scientific survey reveals that not every issue carries the same weight of importance to a voter, nor does every voter prioritize the issues in the same way.   

“We create a scientific survey that captures issue concerns and matches the concern to the candidate that would best meet the respondents need.  We do not ask who they are voting for or why.  Instead we apply a reverse engineering process that filters out emotions.  We ask what issues are important to you and how important are those issues to you.  Based on the information we receive are able to determine who the respondents would vote for if they are truly voting on issues only.  The difference between the survey results and the actual voting results tells us how much campaign marketing influenced the vote.”     

Based on Dr. Brothman’s research of Chaldean voter respondents, 88% of the Chaldean community should vote for McCain / Palin if they are driven by the issues important to them.

Dr. Brothman also reveals the leading issues important to Chaldeans this election.

Based on Brothman’s report, Chaldeans tend to identify issues that are important to the country or group as a whole rather than their self interest.  “In general Chaldeans are concerned about fairness, security, morality, and opportunity.  This translates into issue concerns of abortion and marriage, war, personal responsibility, and independence.”

The report goes on to explain that self-interest or selfish voters tend to vote for issues that impact them personally.  Issues like welfare, subsidies, government control, and authoritative dependency.

In commenting on the cultural psyche of the Chaldean community, Dr. Brothman says, “Chaldeans are the quintessential ‘pull yourself up by the boot-strap’ community.  The psychology is that Chaldeans want a fair opportunity.  As a group, the Chaldean community tends to dislike special treatment, hand-outs, or having to rely on the government.”

Dr. Brothman hypothesizes that the Chaldean history of achievements, persecution, and independence has molded a culture of success, independence, and competition.  Being close to the Chaldean community Dr. Brothman says that, “Chaldeans embrace personal responsibility, competitiveness, and success.  Anyone close to the community can anecdotally observe the  hyper-competitiveness of Chaldeans.  This leads to a desire of fairness and opportunity.  The community’s enthusiasm to succeed is a reflex of the persecution they have endured for centuries.  It is like shaking a soda and then popping the cap.  Chaldeans are bursting to succeed.”

Of the nearly 160 survey respondents, one was chosen to receive a $100 gift certificate to Olive Garden.  The winner was Amanda Kirma of Spring Valley, California.  Mrs. Kirma will have two weeks to claim her prize by validating the gift certificate on’s gift certificate page. has released another community psychometric survey on the Perfect Spouse.  Readers are encouraged to take the survey and share their insights and perceptions of what makes a perfect spouse. 

Media Propaganda, coruption, and conspiracy

Chaldean Justice League has noticed an ongoing and orchestrated bias in media.  Presenting information in an unfair and unjust way seeds a mindset that bears the fruit of injustice.  The propaganda used by the media has been recorded and captured by the Media Research Center. 

We share their findings with the Chaldean community as a demonstration of media propaganda and the injustice born of such fraudulent journalism.  The covert attempt to change the will of the people through propaganda is in itself corrupt. 

Chaldean Justice League

The Chaldean Justice League (CJL) is a group of concerned Chaldean community leaders working to address issues of injustice.  The CJL invites any Chaldean to join the league and assist in challenging unfair policies and practices. 

CJL Efforts:

  • Miller Boycott (Program Ended):  Organize efforts to boycott Miller brewing company for their support of anti-Christian hate groups.
  • Chaldean Business Discrimination (Program Ongoing):  Organize businesses to address unfair municipal or vendor practices relating to permits and product purchasing.
  • Christmas Grinch List (Program Ongoing): A program to provide information on businesses that refuse to acknowledge Christmas while using the holy day as a means to entice shoppers.  CLICK HERE
  • Voter Registration (Program Ongoing): Working with the Chaldean Caucus to register Chaldeans.
  • HDTV Converter Coupon Application (Program Ongoing):  Working to assist the Chaldean community in receiiving the U.S. Govt. $80 coupons for digital television converters.

If you have a cause or concern you feel the Chaldean Justice League should consider please e-mail