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University of Phoenix Partners with Chaldeans to Fill Need
By Sam Yousif :: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 :: 79940 Views :: Career & Education, Chaldean Education & Career Center

Michigan, USA - Developing on their growing relationship the Chaldean Education and CareerCenter and the University of Phoenix, Chaldeans are offered two local career fair opportunities in Southfield, Michigan. 

Corporate developer and diversity expert Stephanie English from University of Phoenix has been working with the Chaldean Education and Career Center to develop college education and career solutions for the Chaldean community.  The University is offering Chaldeans easy registration processes, one-on-one counseling, and now hosts two career fairs exposing job opportunities in the telecommunications and information technology industry for interested Chaldeans.     

“The Chaldean community has unique needs that the University of Phoenix perfectly fits.  We offer accredited college education and corporate training directly to hard-working Chaldeans.  Our university understands that many Chaldeans have a family to care for and may be unable or unwilling to travel to distant campuses or sit in a class for three to four hour stretches in the middle of the day.  Many Chaldeans are required to work long hours to provide for their family.  Our online courses are broadcasted directly to the homes or businesses of Chaldeans with ease and simplicity,” says English.

The Chaldean Education and Career Center has been in talks with the University, who has been welcoming and eager to serve the Chaldean population. 

“Along with our online campuses we have two physical campuses in the heart of the Chaldean community; one in Troy and the other in Southfield.  Chaldean students can either visit our buildings or take our classes from the comfort of their own home,” adds English. 

Unlike other universities and colleges, the University of Phoenix has aggressively sought to serve the community.  “Many Chaldeans attend Wayne State, Oakland, University of Michigan, Michigan state, Walsh, community colleges or a host of other educational institutions.  However, none have reached out to the community to understand and develop education solutions for us,” says Helen Siman of the Chaldean Education and Career Center.

 “This University knows that one size doest not fit all.  Mrs. English took the time to visit our Chaldean Computer Class programs for the community and has offered enhance our program by extending University of Phoenix computer training opportunities.”

On Friday, May 9th from 9:00 a.m. in the morning to 4:00 p.m., the University of Phoenix invites Chaldeans to a special career fair in telecommunications where Comcast corporation will be hand to interview for all corporate and local positions. 

On Thursday, May 22 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Chaldeans are invited to a specail information technology career fair featuring some of the countries top IT corporations. 

Chaldeans are reminded to bring plenty of resumes and prepare for on-the-spot interviews and possible hiring. 

Both events are being held at University of Phoenix Southfield campus building 2 at the 4400 Town Center on the corner of Civic Center Drive (10 ½ mile) and Central Park Blvd, just west of Evergreen. 

“The career fairs are less than two miles away from Our Lady of Chaldean Cathedral in Southfield, Michigan,” says Siman. “The Center is working on other education solutions for Chaldean families, but we are proud of our partnership with the University of Phoenix and how they are being so flexible and helpful.  There are few caring and compassionate people like Mrs. English that really knows our community and genuinely wants to help our people.”

Media Propaganda, coruption, and conspiracy

Chaldean Justice League has noticed an ongoing and orchestrated bias in media.  Presenting information in an unfair and unjust way seeds a mindset that bears the fruit of injustice.  The propaganda used by the media has been recorded and captured by the Media Research Center. 

We share their findings with the Chaldean community as a demonstration of media propaganda and the injustice born of such fraudulent journalism.  The covert attempt to change the will of the people through propaganda is in itself corrupt. 

Chaldean Justice League

The Chaldean Justice League (CJL) is a group of concerned Chaldean community leaders working to address issues of injustice.  The CJL invites any Chaldean to join the league and assist in challenging unfair policies and practices. 

CJL Efforts:

  • Miller Boycott (Program Ended):  Organize efforts to boycott Miller brewing company for their support of anti-Christian hate groups.
  • Chaldean Business Discrimination (Program Ongoing):  Organize businesses to address unfair municipal or vendor practices relating to permits and product purchasing.
  • Christmas Grinch List (Program Ongoing): A program to provide information on businesses that refuse to acknowledge Christmas while using the holy day as a means to entice shoppers.  CLICK HERE
  • Voter Registration (Program Ongoing): Working with the Chaldean Caucus to register Chaldeans.
  • HDTV Converter Coupon Application (Program Ongoing):  Working to assist the Chaldean community in receiiving the U.S. Govt. $80 coupons for digital television converters.

If you have a cause or concern you feel the Chaldean Justice League should consider please e-mail ChaldeanJustice@yahoo.com.