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Chaldean Justice League Offers Chaldean Application Assistance for Digital TV Box Converter
By Ray Yono :: Thursday, February 14, 2008 :: 46039 Views :: Chaldean Justice League

USA - Chaldeans in America will be forced to purchase new electronic devices by Feb. 18, 2009 if they want to continue receiving television signals.  The move to “high definition” television is spurring the economy itself as families are forced to purchase converter boxes, subscribe to cable or satellite services, or buy expensive new televisions. 

Outrage over entertainment and manufacture industry lobbyists forcing the entire country to practically throw away their perfectly working TV sets has the U.S. government feeling a bit guilty.  What does that mean for the Chaldean household?

Millions of $40 government coupons are now available to help owners of low-tech televisions buy special converter boxes for older TVs that might not work after the switch to digital broadcasting.

The converter boxes are expected to cost between $50 and $70 and will be available at most major electronics retail stores. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is accepting requests for two $40 coupons per household to be used toward the purchase of the boxes.

Chaldeans who have satellite or cable service won't need a box.

Congress, in ordering the transition to digital broadcasting, set aside $1.5 billion for the coupon program, which will fund 33.5 million coupons and other costs.

The first 22 million coupons will go to all households that request them. That includes a residence that gets cable service for one television but has a spare TV that still uses an antenna, for example. The rest of the coupons, however, are meant only for those who do not subscribe to a pay-television service. Nielsen Co. estimates that 14.3 million households, or about 13% of the 112.8 million total television households in the nation, rely on over-the-air television broadcasts for programming. 

The Chaldean Justice League is working to ensure that all Chaldean households are able to participate in the coupon program by assisting Chaldeans in submitting an approved application and assuring they receive their two $40 coupons.

Julius Abbu, Chaldean Justice League HDTV Converter Coupon project manager is working to create an online application for Chaldeans interested in receiving their rebate. “It is unfortunate that some Chaldeans will miss out because of the language barrier.  That is where CJL jumps in to help.  We fill out all the government forms, ensure the rebate was received, and even assist Chaldean families in purchasing the correct converter boxes for their homes.  The cost to Chaldean families is absolutely zero.  By taking advantage of this community service Chaldeans can save $80 when forced to purchase their HDTV converter.  We do ask they consider making a donation to the CJL or a Chaldean organization of their choice in the name of CJL,” Abbu said. “We will also be visiting different Chaldean community centers and churches helping folks on the spot.  Chaldeans can also e-mail if they have questions or concerns.”

Chaldeans across America will be able to visit the Chaldean Justice League community web page on and fill out the online application and receive their $80 coupon application by Monday, Feb. 25, 2008.  

Media Propaganda, coruption, and conspiracy

Chaldean Justice League has noticed an ongoing and orchestrated bias in media.  Presenting information in an unfair and unjust way seeds a mindset that bears the fruit of injustice.  The propaganda used by the media has been recorded and captured by the Media Research Center. 

We share their findings with the Chaldean community as a demonstration of media propaganda and the injustice born of such fraudulent journalism.  The covert attempt to change the will of the people through propaganda is in itself corrupt. 

Chaldean Justice League

The Chaldean Justice League (CJL) is a group of concerned Chaldean community leaders working to address issues of injustice.  The CJL invites any Chaldean to join the league and assist in challenging unfair policies and practices. 

CJL Efforts:

  • Miller Boycott (Program Ended):  Organize efforts to boycott Miller brewing company for their support of anti-Christian hate groups.
  • Chaldean Business Discrimination (Program Ongoing):  Organize businesses to address unfair municipal or vendor practices relating to permits and product purchasing.
  • Christmas Grinch List (Program Ongoing): A program to provide information on businesses that refuse to acknowledge Christmas while using the holy day as a means to entice shoppers.  CLICK HERE
  • Voter Registration (Program Ongoing): Working with the Chaldean Caucus to register Chaldeans.
  • HDTV Converter Coupon Application (Program Ongoing):  Working to assist the Chaldean community in receiiving the U.S. Govt. $80 coupons for digital television converters.

If you have a cause or concern you feel the Chaldean Justice League should consider please e-mail