Sunday, February 28, 2021
Chaldean Language Classes

Tuition free Chaldean Language Classes are being offered by Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church.  The classes range from basic (101) to advanced fluent (501).  In Chaldean Language 101 students are taught the basic alphabet, simple writing, and conversation.  At the 201 and 301 level students are taught to read, write, and coherent conversation.  The 401 and 501 classes teach students advanced speaking, reading, and writing. 

Registration for the Chaldean language classes have been extended until Saturday, May 19.  Tuition for Chaldean language classes, a value of nearly $600, is being covered by our Diocese, Mother of God Church, and our generous donors in our community.  A $20 fee card is required by all students for the purchase of textbooks and class materials.  If you are church member the fee card is only $10.

Classes are held every Monday and Thursday from 6 – 8 PM beginning May 5th and conclude at the end of September.   Registration is open to anyone over the age of 9.  New students will meet with a class counselor to determine which class best addresses their skill level. 

To register for Chaldean classes onine, you must first be a registered user of  To register on select the register link in the upper right-hand corner of the webspage and complete the requested information.  After registering log back into the website and you will notice a blue pencil in the lower right-hand corner fo the registration box below.  Select the blue pencil and complete your class registration information. 

Chaldean Classes Registration Listing
 Last NameCityClass Regsitration
WathaWest Bloomfield101
KarmoMadison Heights101
kastostrling hts101
BergWest Bloomfield101