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Advice From Friends on Keeping My New Year's Promise
By Rita Abro :: Thursday, January 1, 2009 :: 49944 Views :: Opinion and Editorials

I, like a few other other Chaldeans won’t reach my goals in the New Year.  I am not alone by any means.  Like everyone else who has pledged to change things this New Year, together we are going to find ourselves bummed out when nothing has really changed. 

Here are the best advice I have received from my friends on beating the odds. Give them a try.  I will, and hopefully we can last beyond the first few months in sticking to our New Year resolutions.

1. My cousin Jennifer Abro says, “Don't make any New Year's resolutions on January 1.”  She doesn’t even make them in first few weeks of the New Year.   It seems to make sense.  I know of a few people I've met or interviewed who have succeeded at a change never started on Jan 1.   Jennifer says this is the worst time to set goals, especially when your trying to forget the failings of the previous resolutions. I like this advice because, it's right after the holidays.  I am still eating unhealthy leftovers, the weather is bad and you have to go back to the daily grind at work. I learned long ago that change I want to do, always wins over change I have to do." 

2. Sam Yousif, who keeps us informed about Chaldean happenings in Michigan e-mails me with a bit of New Year wisdom.  He says, “Take it slow and light.”  He says we all overestimate how much we need to change, when if we just improve a few things the outcome would be incredible.  Loading up on the promises only increased the chances that we break our promises. 

3. David Najor, our Business Beat guy in the office here in the sunny state tells me to copy cat.  “Find someone who has already achieved a similar goal, find out what worked and make a plan to copy them with slight modifications.”  He adds, “That you need information to find the pathway to success. Don't try to do this alone. You need a plan. People who have achieved a similar goal to yours have that knowledge, and often want to help someone else in the same position. Don't be shy. Ask for help.” 

4. “Be a GPS,” says our sports man, Ray Yono.  “A GPS navigation system in your car only cares about two questions. Where are you now, and where do you want to go?”  He tells me to ask the same two questions as I work towards my goals.  “Ask yourself these two questions: Where am I now? Where do I want to go?” 

He makes good sense.  Resolutions and goals are daily commitments, not something you make once at the beginning of the year. Every day is another chance to get closer. Ray, also shares this little caveat, “Remember, a GPS doesn't beat you up for mistakes you did yesterday. It gives you a clean slate every time.”

5. My BFF Huda Metti tells me that every small step, decision or action counts and should be noticed.  She says, “Don't put off celebrating until you've reached your goal. Every time you make a positive step in the right direction, reward yourself. Your brain needs to know it's doing something right,” isn’t she great.  Then she adds, “Let us know too, both your brain and us want to know that you can do something right.” 

With friends like her, who needs enemies?

To all the Chaldean readers out there, e-mail me your best tips on how to stick to your goal.  Your tip might just be the answer to help someone in our community change for the better.