Wednesday, February 8, 2023 Contributors - "For the community by the community." is a community website available to everyone, everywhere.  The website is a Web 2.0 system which received a one and half million dollar grant for Citizenry Journalism for the New Age. 

The website allows anyone to publish their own work.  The submitted material is proofread and edited by a group of professional journalists and writers who moderate the articles content and topics for theme appropriateness only. 

This revolutionary idea stands at the forefront of providing immediate information direct from the community.  The grant was awarded for offering an alternative to the traditional old-guard media of agenda driven news bent on skewing information and producing salacious information that reflect only the interest of few and not the community as a whole. 

Newspapers, magazine, and television news systems are outdated and fail to give readers authentic and unfiltered information.   As such, is one of the first organized efforts to help bring real news to a community. 

Everyone is invited to join as a writer, graphic artist, reporter, tipster, or contributor.  Share your wisdom, offer insight, submit newsworthy information, and help take back the truth.  E-mail a story along with a byline and a headshot if you prefer, to be part of a growing group of community communicators who wish to share their knowledge and experience.   

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